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When one initially thinks of home care patients, children don’t tend to come to mind. We tend to think of adults, including the elderly and the disabled (either mentally or physically) as needing home care. However, the reality is that there is a great need for home care for children as well. Here’s what you need to know:

Why Children Need Home Care

A child may need home care for a number of reasons. Some of these include:

Physical Disability

The most obvious of course is that they may be physically disabled, either from birth or from some later event such as an accident or disease. While parents will ideally take an active role in helping to care for their children, they may be overwhelmed or simply lack the knowledge or experience to care for their children who are physically disabled. Therefore, you may be called upon to provide home care services to these children in order to provide them with their needs.

Mental Disability

Like physical disabilities, mental disabilities do affect children as well. In this case, it’s entirely possible that you’ll be called upon to work with developmentally challenged or mentally ill children who may also have emotional problems.

Other Possibilities

Other possible reasons that you may be called upon to work with children as a home care aide include chronic illness of a parent or parents, desertion by parents, death of a parent or physical, sexual or emotional abuse of the children. In all these case however, the needs of the child will largely be the same.

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