The Wedding Feast

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The Wedding Feast

Friday Service: 5th July 2024

The Wedding Feast

Ministering: Pst IB Williams (RCCG Continental Overseer, Oceania & The Pacific)

Bible Text: Matthew 26:29

What Happens in a Jewish Wedding?

  1. There’s betrothal (engagement)
  2. Negotiation of a price with the bride’s father
  3. A contract is signed
  4. A cup of wine is drunk to seal the covenant
  5. The groom goes back the build a bridal chamber for the bride and make other preparations.
  6. After preparations are complete, the groom goes back to the bride’s house at night to bring her back to the home that he has prepared.
  7. There’s a feast as the bride is brought back to the home the groom has prepared
  8. The groom then takes the bride into the bridal chamber and the marriage is consumated
  9. The groom then comes out to announce the bride as his wife
  10. The newly wed couple are then ministered to for 7 days
  11. After 7 days a banquet is held.



Jesus left His fathers house (heaven) to the home (earth) of His prospective bride (the church)

When He came, He paid the bride price with His own blood

As a sign he poured out his blood. He shared a cup representing a new covenant.

At the garden of Gethsamane, He was negotiating the bride price with His Father.

But the only price was His blood. 

Jesus went through a lot of pain to negotiate and pay the bride price for you and I

John 14

He said he was going to prepare a place (a bridal chamber for you and I)

Then I will come again to bring you to myself. So that’s where I am, that’s where you will  be also.

So Jesus Christ negotiated the bride price and paid it.

Afterwards, He went back to his fathers house with a promise to come back to take His bride.

So, Jesus is coming back again. And He will come back like a thief in the night.

That’s why we need to be on our toes. No one knows the exact hour.

Just like the 10 virgins who were waiting for the groom to arrive. 5 were vigilant and 5 where not 

1 corinthians 15:52

Wake up now. This is the time to prepare. If you’re waiting for the trumpet to sound, it will be too late by then.

When the bride groom arrived, 5 virgins were out trying to prepare themselves. Before they arrived, the groom had already arrived and the door was closed.

The whole reason for the Holy communion is an opportunity to renew our marriage vow and to remind ourselves of the wedding feast that will take place when Jesus comes for us again to take us to the place He has prepared for us.

The real consummation of the wedding is the rapture. Until after rapture, everyone has to be alert.

After 7 years there will be a wedding banquet. This is the 1000 year reign with Christ here on earth.

1 corinthians 11:27-28

1st John 1:9

Revelation 19:6-9


Be Blessed.